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Shalom F Waltenbaugh, LCSW, LAC

Together we can develop your personal journey toward Healing emotional and psychological pain, developing wellness, and engaging in meaningful change.



Working Together To Manage 


Develop stress management and relaxation skills through cognitive and somatic approaches.

Adolescent Services

Assisting youth to develop an understanding of the processes that can get in the way of academic and social success through mindful awareness of personal values and essential mental and emotional health strategies.

Anxiety and Depression

Develop insight into the processes and problematic behavioral issues that often result from these painful emotions through mindfulness, self-exploration, and psychological flexibility.


Develop a greater understanding of the underlying core beliefs and behaviors that often result in interpersonal problems through attachment focused and schema-based approaches.

Supervision Services

LCSW candidate supervision for licensing. support and commitment to expanding skill, awareness, and longevity in the helping profession.


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